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Citrine Skull, expertly hand-carved in the heart of Brazil. Crafted with precision and care, this unique piece of natural art showcases the remarkable clarity and energy of citrine.

Sourced directly from Brazilian artisans, each skull tells a story of local craftsmanship.  Meticulously hand-carved to perfection, every detail of the skull reflects the skill of the craftspeople.

🌞 Key Features:

• Radiant Beauty: Crafted to perfection, this citrine skull captivates with its warm, sunny glow.
• Abundance Crystal: Citrine is often referred to as the “Merchant’s Stone,” believed to attract wealth and prosperity.
• Positive Vibes: Harness the uplifting energy of citrine to promote optimism, confidence, and joy.

🔮 Crystal Benefits:

• Abundance Magnet: Citrine is associated with abundance and financial success, making it a powerful tool for manifesting prosperity.
• Solar Plexus Balancing: Use this skull to balance your solar plexus chakra, boosting self-esteem and personal power.
• Mental Clarity: Citrine enhances mental clarity, helping you make informed decisions and maintain a positive outlook.

🎁 Perfect Gift:
Share the gift of positivity and abundance with our Hand-Carved Citrine Skull. It’s a unique and meaningful present for those looking to invite more joy and wealth into their lives.


•1.25” high x 1” wide x 1.75” deep
• Weight: 44 grams

Please note that due to the natural variation in crystal patterns and handcrafting, each skull is truly one-of-a-kind and may slightly differ from the images. Embrace the uniqueness of this stunning clear quartz masterpiece.

Each Hand-Carved Citrine Skull is a masterpiece, showcasing the natural variations in the crystal. Embrace the power of citrine to bring abundance and sunshine into your life. Order now and let its warm energy transform your surroundings.


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