Hand Carved Malachite Lion

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Embrace the regal spirit and transformative power with our hand-carved malachite lion, featuring striking touches of chrysocolla in its paws. This majestic sculpture captures the essence of courage and authority, making it a stunning addition to any room.

Crafted from lustrous malachite, known for its deep green swirls symbolizing growth and renewal, this lion is not just a symbol of nobility but also a powerful metaphysical tool. Malachite is celebrated for its ability to shield against negativity, absorb environmental pollutants, and activate the chakras. It enhances the ability to embrace change and supports emotional clarity.

Accentuating this, the chrysocolla in the lion’s paws adds a layer of soothing energy, promoting harmony and increasing the capacity to love. Often associated with communication and calm, chrysocolla is a stone of wisdom that complements the assertive qualities of malachite beautifully.

This hand-carved malachite lion with chrysocolla enhancements serves as an inspiring reminder of your inner strength and the power of speaking your truth. It is an ideal choice for anyone seeking to bolster their resolve, improve communication, and protect their spiritual path. Perfect for personal collections, as a gift, or a meaningful office decor item.

Chakra: Third Eye, Heart & Throat

Astrological associations: Capricorn & Scorpio

This hand carved Malachite Lion measures 3.25” long and stands 1.25” wide 1.75” tall

*All of the malachite that I have in my shop is ethically sourced from a small, family run mine in the Congo. 

Stones may vary by size, color and shape as they are a natural occurring gemstone. 

*Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment or diagnosis. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.


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