Lil’ Protection & Prosperity Crystal Set

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This fancy lil’ set includes three crystals that are perfect for focusing on protection and prosperity.

 This mini trio includes an Amethyst Cutbase & Citrine Sphere, both from Brazil plus a double Pyrite Cube Cluster from Spain.

All three come labeled and in a little white box. Perfect for any crystal collector & great to gift!  

Amethyst: is said to be an extremely powerful and protective stone that creates a protective shield around the body and purifying unwanted energy. Helps to calm and focus the mind leading to accomplishing goals. Great support for sobriety or breaking bad habits. Aids in dispelling of nightmares and insomnia. Eases stress and anxiety.

Citrine: Has an uplifting, bright, joyful energy that paves the way for success and prosperity. Offers great sleep protection. Spheres emit energy in all directions. 

Pyrite These natural forming pyrite cubes are a true marvel! They only grow this way in locations near Navajún, Spain. Pyrite is a power stone that brings happiness, protection, abundance, wealth and success & clears out any stuck feelings. Good for the brain and memory. Protects against and blocks EMF’s, pyrite is a ferromagnetic stone containing iron, which absorbs radiation. Pyrite helps to keep away all forms of negative vibrations.

Price is for one three piece set intuitively picked. Refer to photos for slight color and size variations.   

* Stones may vary by size, color and shape as they are a natural occurring gemstones and no two are exactly alike.

  *Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment or diagnosis. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.



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