Clear Quartz Skull - 10
Clear Quartz Skull - 10
Clear Quartz Skull - 10
Clear Quartz Skull - 10
Clear Quartz Skull - 10
$ 101.00

Clear Quartz Skull - 10

Clear Quartz Skull, expertly hand-carved in the heart of Brazil. Crafted with precision and care, this unique piece of natural art showcases the remarkable clarity and energy of clear quartz.

Sourced directly from Brazilian artisans, each skull tells a story of local craftsmanship.  Meticulously hand-carved to perfection, every detail of the skull reflects the skill of the craftspeople.

Clear quartz, known as the “Master Healer,” radiates clarity, purity, and positive vibrations. Clear quartz for healing, balance, and amplifying intentions.

🔮 Crystal Benefits:

• Amplify Energy: Clear quartz is a powerful amplifier, enhancing your intentions and positive energy.
• Healing Properties: Use it for emotional and physical healing, as well as promoting spiritual growth.
• Home Décor: A stunning addition to your crystal collection or as a captivating home decor piece.

🎁 Perfect Gift:
Surprise your loved ones with this one-of-a-kind Clear Quartz Skull, a symbol of beauty, positive energy, and thoughtful craftsmanship. It’s a unique gift for any crystal enthusiast or spiritual seeker.


•1.75” high x 1.25” wide x 2.25” deep 
• Weight: 101 grams

Please note that due to the natural variation in crystal patterns and handcrafting, each skull is truly one-of-a-kind and may slightly differ from the images. Embrace the uniqueness of this stunning clear quartz masterpiece.

Bring the mystic allure of clear quartz into your life with this hand-carved skull. Order now and let its energy transform your surroundings and elevate your well-being.