"I am a believer! My 2 year old has worn her necklace since she was 3 months old and has never been fussy while teething except the 1 week we left it at home while on vaca. Thank you so much for all that you do!"

-Maritza C.
Las Vegas, NV



"The beauty and quality of the jewelry made by Jessica of Baltic Mermaid is unmatchable! My daughter started wearing her teething necklace before she turned one and I noticed a difference in her right away. She had been struggling to stay asleep at night as she was cutting quite a few teeth at once and nothing seemed to sooth her. Once she started wearing the necklace, she was able to sleep much better and seemed happier overall. Now at age three she still loves to wear her beautiful necklace and now has an anklet to match because she is very into jewelry and I know it is safe for her to wear. Money well spent for many reasons!"

-Ashley K.
North Carolina



"I suffer from chronic pain from multiple injuries and severe arthritis. I found you through a friend who purchased a necklace for her teething baby and SWORE by its effects. My pain has reduced significantly. It’s the kind of thing you don’t notice as much until you haven’t worn your bracelets for a week or two. Then all of the sudden you find yourself wondering why you are in so much pain. And it’s because you don’t have them on!!! Thank you for what you do – it has changed my life."


-Jessica A.
Duarte, CA



"Our daughter has worn her Siren necklace since she was 3 months old. The quality of Baltic Mermaid's necklaces are incredible. They are beautiful and unique. Our daughter is now 17 months old and our necklace looks perfect. On teething... Our girl didn't cut just one, but six teeth at once for her "first tooth" and although there were some tough moments, it overall wasn't as terrible as I had read on my mom groups. A few months later she decided to cut FOUR molars at once and I thought we were in for it. But again, she was handling it relatively well. A skeptical friend noted that maybe she was just a baby that can cut teeth like a champ. Well well well, we lost our necklace one chaotic day and our daughter was completely different. For the whole two weeks her necklace was missing she was so drooly, crankier, and just looked overall uncomfortable. Within a few days of wearing her necklace again, our old girl was back. I've since purchased a custom necklace for myself and Jessica was incredibly helpful and kind. I always recommend Baltic Mermaid to anyone who asks about amber necklaces."

-Janice H.
Fayetteville, AR



"We have purchased 3 necklaces from Baltic Mermaid and it's absolute love! Not only are they beautiful but they work great. I didn't know about baltic amber when my son was little and it could have made the teething process so much easier if we had. My little girl loves her necklaces, and we coordinate them with our outfits!"

-Danielle P.
Vacaville, CA



"When my son started teething, I began looking around for an amber necklace and was told that you sold high quality and adorable pieces. I was a little skeptical of how well it was going to work, but the day it came it in the mail I had experienced some stress in my wrist from overuse and decided to put it on, as the teether necklace is tiny enough to be a large bracelet. To my amazement, it cut down on pain right away. During this time, my mother had been recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and had developed lymphedema (painful swelling) in her arm from the radiation, most likely. I decided to buy an actual adult bracelet for her and it worked wonders. It cut her pain (which she described as an 11/10) by 2/3, and her swelling. Which happily meant that it cut down her dosage of pain relievers, too -- often only needing the bracelet and turmeric, which gave her liver a much needed break. I plan to buy her the necklace next, and some more bracelets. Thanks so much!!"

-Tara B.
Dallas, TX