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Rose Quartz Jack-O-Lantern
Rose Quartz Jack-O-Lantern
Rose Quartz Jack-O-Lantern
Rose Quartz Jack-O-Lantern
Rose Quartz Jack-O-Lantern
Rose Quartz Jack-O-Lantern

Rose Quartz Jack-O-Lantern

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Sizes in inches for Necklaces:                                            

  • Infant (0 to 12 months): 10.5 inches
  • Infant/Toddler (4 months up to 3 years): 12 inches
  • Youth (3 years up to small adult fits as choker): 14 inches          
  • Adult small: 16 inches                                                                       
  • Adult medium (average): 18 inches
  • Adult large: 20 inches    

Sizes in inches for Bracelets and Anklets:
  • Infant Bracelet:  4.5 in.      
  • Toddler Bracelet/Infant Anklet:  5.25 in
  • Youth (Petit) Bracelet/Toddler Anklet: 6.25 in.   
  • Adult Womens Bracelet/Youth Anklet: 7 in.
  • Adult Men/Women large Bracelet: 8 in.   
  • Adult Anklets: Women - 9 in.  Men - 10.5 in.                             

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• Baltic Amber teething necklaces are simply to be worn close to the skin and NOT intended to be chewed on in any way.

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This enchanting Rose Quartz Jack-O-Lantern harmoniously blends crystal energy and Halloween spirit.

🌹🎃 Key Features:
- Radiant Rose Quartz: Each jack-o-lantern is genuine rose quartz, known for its gentle, rosy beauty and loving energy.
- Halloween Elegance: Add a touch of magic and mystique to your festive decor with this unique blend of crystal and tradition.
- Loving Energy: Rose quartz, the "Stone of Love," infuses your Halloween celebrations with an aura of compassion and positivity.

🔮 Crystal Magic:
- Heartfelt Halloween: Bring love and warmth to your holiday, as rose quartz symbolizes emotional healing and affectionate connections.
- Decorative Delight: Use this jack-o-lantern as part of an eye-catching centerpiece, meditation focus, or a symbol of love in your Halloween festivities.
- Energy Balancing: Embrace the soothing energy of rose quartz to alleviate stress and create a harmonious atmosphere for your celebrations.

🎃 Perfect for the Season:
Our Rose Quartz Jack-O-Lantern is a perfect addition to your Halloween decor, whether for display, meditation, or as a thoughtful gift to share the loving spirit of the season.

- Size: 2 inches in diameter 

Illuminate your Halloween with love and the gentle glow of rose quartz. Order your Rose Quartz Jack-O-Lantern now and let its radiant energy infuse your festivities with positivity and warmth.