Selenite Towers
Selenite Towers
Selenite Towers
Selenite Towers
$ 4.00

Selenite Towers

Selenite towers from Morocco available in three sizes, intuitively picked for you.

These towers measure approximately:

Mini: 2.5”

Small: 4”

Medium: 6”

Selenite is a supportive stone that helps to influence positive changes in ones life. It has an extremely gentle, cleansing energy that clears blockages and allows for a free flow of energy. Selenite calms and quiets an overactive mind,  removing worries and distractions allowing complete focus. Great for decision making and prosperity. Can be used to cleanse and re-energizes other crystals. 

Astrological Signs: Taurus & Aries

Chakra: Third Eye & Crown

*Be sure to regularly cleanse your crystals.

*Crystals may vary in size, color and shape as they are an organic material  

*Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment or diagnosis. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.