$ 50.00


Denver Mystery Crystal Boxes are sold pre sale and will ship after October 1st, after my pallet returns from the Denver Gem Show and I can get everything unpacked and the boxes created. 

Denver Mystery boxes are tiered by size and quality. Your box will include special minerals meticulously chosen from the Denver Gem Show. The boxes will be valued significantly more than the price of the box, there will be at least three items or more in each box. There will be no duplicates between different box sizes, meaning if you order multiple sized boxes, you will not receive doubles of the same material. (Same size boxes will have the same material)

¡¡DO NOT USE ANY COUPONS OR DISCOUNTS ON THIS ORDER!! If you use any discount codes or sparkle points for mystery box purchases, your order will be cancelled.

Mystery boxes should be purchased separately from other items on the website, as they won’t be shipping for some time (unless you don’t mind waiting for the other items to ship with your mystery box). Multiple mystery boxes can be purchased all together. 

I can't wait to carefully curate these boxes, especially with you in mind. Listings for mystery boxes will close on September 6th.