About us

I am a Southern California stay at home mother of two little girls, and created Baltic Mermaid after using a teething necklace on my oldest daughter Mia. Back when Mia was at the height of teething, we misplaced her amber necklace and she was all of a sudden showing signs of teething pain. Previously, you would have never guessed that she was even teething at all. When I finally found her necklace and put it on her she was back to her carefree self in no time. I knew then that Baltic Amber was truly an amazing natural remedy and I wanted to share it with everyone I could. In 2014 Baltic Mermaid was born and has been growing ever since. I have recently added crystals to my shop. I have always had a love for crystals, rocks and gemstones and have been collecting them since i was a child.  I am so excited to be sharing them with yo u and the amazing natural healing abilities that they invoke; emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I hand make each jewelry piece to order and sometimes Mia helps by handing me each bead or stringing a necklace. I hope that you can feel the love that we put into each piece of jewelry. 

We are a small business, so know that when you shop with us, you are helping our family and we are so grateful for that.
Thanks so much for stopping by our store and shopping small!